What do say when I book my cut?

My styles are always cut according your needs. Texture and styling play big part in how I work. I prefer to style your hair the way you usually wear it. So, if you have curly hair or are a wash and go air-dry kind of person schedule a "curly-cut" to allow time for low maintenance styling. This allows me to air-dry and detail your natural texture and give you tips and tricks to enhance it's natural beauty. If you're a style addict and product lover like myself, you can just book a regular women's or short cut.


How often should I cut my hair?

Salon visits are scheduled depending on the desired style and texture of the hair. Most of my clients come in seasonally or twice a year. Shorter cuts require a bit more in salon maintenance because they lose shape faster.

What can I do to make my haircut last?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your skin and hair are very similar. Finding a good product line and having a hair routine can work wonders!  Avoiding heat styling and drinking lots of water can also help. Try to air-dry a couple times a week.


Why should I bring inspiration photos?

Inspiration photos are helpful because it allows me to see what catches your eye and gives insight as to what your vision is. Obviously, your style will be adapted to suit your texture, skin tone, and face shape.


How does the waiting list work?

Can't find the appointment time that you wanted? It's probably already booked. Send me an email and I'll call or email you if someone cancels. It's that easy!